Special Investigations Unlimited, Inc.

Special Investigations Unlimited is a Full-Service Investigative Agency specializing in Insurance, Legal and Corporate Investigations. Special Investigations Unlimited provides services throughout the states of Alabama, Mississippi and portions of Tennessee (through a reciprocal agreement for cases originating in Alabama). Special Investigations Unlimited is skillfully staffed and fully equipped to handle any of your Investigative needs, from the most basic to the complex.

Experience Matters

Special Investigations Unlimited is staffed with undoubtedly the most experienced, well trained, highly motivated and results driven Investigators in the State of Alabama. Special Investigations Unlimited’s Founder and President, David Palmer, has thirty-one (31) years plus of experience in Insurance, Legal and Corporate Investigations plus nearly a decade of law enforcement experience. Special Investigations Unlimited’s Senior Investigators, each have twenty-five (25) years of experience, bringing Special Investigations Unlimited’s combined experience to 106 years. Special Investigations Unlimited provides a level of experience and service far beyond the industry standards. Special Investigations Unlimited Investigators are located throughout the State of Alabama. When you work with Special Investigations Unlimited, Inc. you never wonder who to call for your Investigative needs. It will seem as if you have an entire “In-House” Investigative staff at your disposal without the cost of such a staff.

Results, Efficiency, Customer Service and Convenience

In addition to our outstanding Investigators, Special Investigations Unlimited employs state of the art equipment and Investigative techniques to aid in obtaining the best results for our clients. Our safe and secure, convenient online Case File System (CFS) and web portal access to case updates, video footage and all file related documentation is available at our client’s convenience (24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year). A further convenience of our system is for each file assigned, the client will receive a CFS generated email for confirmation of the assignment. Then updates at the end of each day’s service, including video footage and any other documentation. At the end of the assignment, the client will receive our Investigative report and all documentation via a CFS generated email. This process eliminates the question “I wonder what’s happening with my case” or the client having to take time to call for an update. Thus, keeping everyone informed and increasing efficiency. This process also eliminates the delays caused by mailing our reports and attachments. Additionally, reports, video footage, invoices and other file related documentation will remain available for retrieval and review, even after the case is closed.

While Special Investigations Unlimited is very proud of our Investigators and Case File System, we never forget that nothing is more important than personally communicating with our client’s. Our Investigators enjoy being able to communicate directly with our them. One of our core beliefs is that what sets us apart from our competitors, in addition to Investigators and results, is our relationships and the trust of our client’s.

We look forward to discussing how Special Investigations Unlimited can be of service to you, your insureds, clients and company. Please contact us with any questions!

Special Investigations Unlimited